What are the available options for `card-detail-badges` in power-ups?

Hi there.
In the current docs, card-detail-badges does not have its options explicitly defined, while card-badges does.

(for context, I spent quite some time trying to set a badge icon to no avail - no icon was displayed, but no errors were shown either)

Is anyone please able to confirm that the valid card badge details are as follows?

Property    Type         Notes
dynamic     function     Must be used in isolation
refresh     number       Optional; can be set in the returned output of a `dynamic` function
Property    Type         Notes
title       string       Optional
text        string       
color       string       Optional, must be one of a predefined list of color names
callback    function     Optional, mutually exclusive with `url`
url         string       Optional, see `callback`
target      string       Optional, can be used in conjunction with `url`

Thanks in advance.

You nailed it. Sorry we didn’t already have these documented. Working on adding it in now. Does the following read correctly to you?

Hi, Bentley - yup, that reads fine. :clap:
Just two things:

  • you may want to have the same definition for dynamic as the one already in the card-badges docs; that one also offers a suggestion of when it is appropriate to use dynamic.
    Up to you, of course, but at the very least I think the two should be identical, to avoid confusion;
  • you have a typo in the description for refresh (“Number the number”) :upside_down_face:
    Apologies for being picky… I guess someone has to do it :sweat_smile:

Thanks for getting back to me! :+1:

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Derp. Yeah, copying what we already have makes a lot of sense.

It took me a minute, but they’re updated: https://developer.atlassian.com/cloud/trello/power-ups/capabilities/card-detail-badges/

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