What deep links are supported by Link in core editor?

I’m trying to identify what library has been used in core editor to validate deep links.
Some like slack://open or Telegram: Contact @path (telegram) or skype:skype.test.user.1?call&video=true are fully supported and recognised where other protocols are not - is there a list?

PS. There is a bug for PL (Poland) domain validation
for example google.com is supported where google.pl not :slight_smile:


I don’t think that’s meaningfully in the core editor or the dependencies. I’m certain there isn’t an exhaustive list of the URL patterns.

To be sure, could you screenshot working/not working examples? And maybe disambiguate how/where the editor is being surfaced? I assume somewhere in your app?

Also, to “cut to the chase”, the bug with google.pl will probably need to be reported through customer support to get into the right place.

Yes we’re building new app where we add a custom field weblink.
So I wanted to understand how your component works to recreate same functionality so users would get same experience. But apparently I found some bugs in your component :slight_smile:

All screens were made in confluence using your components.

OK let’s look at this

  1. Wrong protocol is accepted - no http is added after save

  2. Skype protocol is accepted - no http is added after save

  3. Slack is accepted

  4. Telegram protocol is not accepted - save disabled

  5. modify the t.me to t.mee and its not accepted

  6. Other telegram format is accepted - insert active - http is added on insert

  7. google.pl is not accepted

  8. google.com is accepted

So there has to be some logic behind this.

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