What do we use to replace QuickNav?

I have been looking at replacing deprecated Confluence code and I am struggling with the Beanable Interface. I found a web page that recommends using /rest/quicknav/1/search instead but then I read one that said that “We ended support for this gadget in Confluence 7.0”. So the question now is: What do we use to replace QuickNav?

Hello, Hi @JimmyQuinn

May I ask how you are consuming the Beanable interface ? our usage of it predates json rest endpoints as implied by javadoc

* @deprecated since 5.2. If you want a JSON-producing REST endpoint, 
then use a proper JAXRS resource.

So we are essentially migrating such implementations of it to rest resources , see https://developer.atlassian.com/server/framework/atlassian-sdk/basics-of-exposing-rest-apis-via-plugins/ for details.

QuickNav is tied to search in particular , so I am still wondering what exactly your usage of Beanable.

Oh I see, you are describing your use case in here Beanable Interface Deprecation

reading it now

You have read it. Have you stopped laughing yet? Any answers?

We use it in PageControlImpl.java to return details of activity on a page, e.g.

resultBean.put(RESULTKEY, SUCCESS);


Map<String, Object> resultBean = new HashMap<String, Object>();

The bean is returned like so:

    public Object getBean() {
        LOG.trace("getBean returning {}", resultBean.values().toString());
        return resultBean;