What does the Confluence web resource context <context>editor</context> actually mean?

I am trying to get my web resources loaded when the Confluence editor is opened.
I have followed the instructions here, https://developer.atlassian.com/server/confluence/web-resource-module/, and tried several of the different contexts in my section.
However, my resources are being loaded on every page view even if my macro is not on the page.

So what does this context, and the other “editor” contexts listed, actually mean?

I am developing a custom macro editor and in the end, I just want my web resources loaded when my editor is opened. Is there a better approach to this problem other than using standard web resources so I can just include them when the editor opens? Can I list my resources somehow and load then using something in AJS?

Thanks so much


I would very much like to know that too :slight_smile:

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