What effective way is there to change the weight factors of a search in Confluence

Hello there,

So I’m trying to figure out a way (if possible) to change the search weight ranking values of the different fields on Confluence. Is there any specific class or methods to adjusting these values?

Hi @DylanStilwell. Welcome to the developer community. There isn’t a way to modify the content/fields weighting on Confluence search. You can, however, form CQL queries against specific fields.

Hey @nmansilla, thanks for the welcoming! Do you know if creating a search decorator that these weights could be manipulated in there? If so what can be used in it to manipulate them?

Hi @DylanStilwell, you mentioned something that does indeed exist (decorators), and to be up front, it’s something I’m not familiar with! That being said, there exists a tutorial on how to create a search decorator.. In the example, content created by the current logged in user gets bumped to the top. Have you read over and/or tried this tutorial?

Hi @nmansilla I’ve worked through the tutorial, but it doesn’t have the class and or function references we need to change the values of the weights. We’re looking for basically any kind of API documentation that could help with the decorator or in general.

Hi Atlassian community, I was still wondering if others may have a solution for this.