What is jira-dev.com

What is jira-dev.com? Is this simple a domain used by Atlassian to verify that addons are working? I thought the only valid customer domains are jira.com and atlassian.net, but jira-dev.com is in the white listed domains in atlassian-connect-express.

Hi @jan.revis,

The jira-dev.com domain is reserved for internal Atlassian usage. We use it for dogfooding sites for Atlassian Cloud, which is why you can see it whitelisted.


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We got our list of valid domains from Atlassian Cloud IP ranges and domains, which does not mention jira-dev.com; should it?

No. jira-dev.com is only accessible from within Atlassian’s internal network.


Hey Atlassians, is it safe to block requests from this domain to a cloud app?

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