What is the channel attribute in the JSD create customer request API endpoint for?

The Create customer request endpoint in the Jira Service Desk REST API has an option to pass a channel string attribute in the payload. The docs say:

(Experimental) Shows extra information for the request channel.

Passing any string seems to be accepted but I cannot find where that would be exposed in the UI or in the request-channel-type attribute (this still seems to be fixed to the few hard-coded values).

Does anyone know how this attribute works or where I can find additional information about it?

Hey, just curious if you found something more about this?

Let me quickly explain my situation. We’re doing an app that is an integration with a 3rd party service and as such it would be good to show that the request was opened based on an action done in that service. I’d even settle for having <reporter> raised this request via API (my-custom-channel) format.

Pinging @aagrawal2, as you’re the only Atlassian staff member that has replied to any posts from the last 20-30 ( and a lot of them are without any response from any Atlassian staff member). This whole section of CDAC feels neglected… There’s not even an announcment for the name change and if it will affect REST API URLs or any other potentially breaking changes…

Hey @ChupaCabra, unfortunately, I do not have any more details - still waiting for a response from someone at Atlassian. But I agree with you, especially the JSM API has quite a few features which are not documented or even hidden (e.g. create a request with email address instead of account id).

@dmorrow do you know someone who could answer this question?