What is the good way to update a page with JAVA API?


I made a script to create and update automatically some pages, and I have an history bug anyway :
When I click on the modification date, I have the following error like “Impossible to find versions of this page”.

I don’t understand it, because I set a version when I create the page, then I increment the version every time I update it, so there is always a version number linked to the page version.

static def updateBodyPage(Space space,Page pageToUpdate, String body, boolean addParentLabel,boolean disableLabel){

    if (body != '') {
        def bodyContent = new BodyContent(pageToUpdate, body, BodyType.XHTML)

    pageToUpdate.setCreationDate(new Date(System.currentTimeMillis()))

            List<Label> labelsParents=pageToUpdate.getParent().getLabels()
            for(Label lab:labelsParents){

    pageManager.saveContentEntity(pageToUpdate, DefaultSaveContext.MINOR_EDIT)
    if (!pageManager.getPage(space.getKey(), pageToUpdate.getTitle())) {
        throw new IllegalStateException("Unable to create a report ${pageToUpdate.getTitle()}")
    } else {
        logger.info("The report ${pageToUpdate.getTitle()} is created")


Can you help me here ?

Have a nice day

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