What webhook to use for catching change of issue name?


I spent some time to find a webhook to catch issue name change, but with no results :disappointed: … It is an event when a user is changing it through “Administration > Issues > Issue types > Edit > Changing the name > Update”. Could you please help, is it possible to catch this with webhook?

Thanks in advance!

I’m a bit confused, first you talk about webhook that would let you subscribe for issue name change, but then you tell about issue type name, i believe that issue name and issue type name are not the same things. So what do you need exactly?

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Hi @alenamecalle,

I assume you are referring to webhooks for changes to issue type names. Unfortunately Jira does not support webhooks for any configuration changes except for enabling/disabling the following features:


I am referring to changing a name of the issue… For example issue name is Story and a user can change this name to anything, like Saga :slight_smile: We can change names in Administration-> Issue-> Issue type. I would like to catch this action and a new name, but can not find a right webhook.

Okay :frowning: Thanks!

Do you know if there is any workaround that I can use?

Yep, there is a REST API that lists all of the issue types: GET /rest/api/2/issuetype

You can poll this API as frequently as necessary to detect when new issue types are created or when the name of an existing issue type has changed.


Ok, I will try this one! Thanks, Dave!