Whatever happened to user_updated and user_deleted webhooks after 5 Dec?

We noticed that after 5 Dec the rate of user_updated and user_deleted webhooks has significantly declined across all Jira instances where our app is installed: it used to come steady (and make up for most of the webhooks during weekends!), but now they happen quite rarely. The decline is quite sharp. The rate of all webhooks didn’t change in the same way.

I can theorize that perhaps before 5 Dec, most of these user changes were not produced by actual user actions, but I’d like to see someone from Atlassian confirm this.
We checked that changing username generates user_updated webhook, but still we would like to clarify: is there something that changed around that date?
Does anyone else see the same change?

This was something we were working with Atlassian with for a while and it got fixed on the 5th as you observe. The additional hooks were sent in error and we saw them as costly noise.