What's the difference between "id" and "key" for fields?

If I make a REST API call against “https://acmecorp.atlassian.net/rest/api/2/field” it returns me the list of the system and custom fields. Each entry has an “id” and a “key” property, but I cannot see any case where the two are different.

Can someone tell me their meaning? (The REST API docs aren’t very talkative regarding this.)

Hi, @aron.gombas,

Keys are currently used only if you have a Connect app that adds issue fields. Then the issue field ID will be a standard automatically generated “customfield_N”, but its key will be equal to your module’s key, the same across all instances, making it easier for your app to work with such a field.

In all other cases IDs are equal to keys (for Jira system fields, and built-in custom fields).

We are in the process of updating our documentation so in the future this should be more clear.

Best regards,

Thanks, Krzysztof.
(I’ve tried this with Tempo managed fields and they work like you described.)