When adding a projectPage module with viewport size, the page becoming scrollable


I’m using Forge with Custom UI and I’m trying to add a project page module:

When the module is displayed, the entire page has an unnecessary scrollbar.
To remove this scrollbar, I need to change the display property of the containing iframe to ‘block’. Unfortunately, I cannot do that.

Any idea how can I do it?

Hi @amityahav, the jira:projectPage doesn’t support a viewportSize field.


If you remove the viewportSize field, can you confirm that the scrollbar goes away?

Hi @RyanBraganza, thanks for the quick reply.

When I remove the viewport field, the scrollbar does go away, but then the entire content inside the iframe, doesn’t have 100% height. This is why I tried to use the viewport in the first place.

Is there a way to control the height of the content inside the iframe? It seems like the only solution is to set the iframe display property to “block” instead of the current “initial” value.

Unfortunately, since it’s an iframe, I can’t access to it.

Unfortunately that’s not something that we support today.

I’ve created https://ecosystem.atlassian.net/browse/FRGE-374 which I think would address your use case. Feel free to follow the ticket, and add any comments you may have to the ticket.

Thank you @RyanBraganza!
I hope it will be addressed soon :slight_smile: