When I close the Board - Do I then need to delete my Webhook?

I am not sure if it happens automatically?

Thanks in advance - jochdk :slightly_smiling_face:

And :slight_smile: Can I remove all webhooks with one call on-disable?

DELETEing a board should disable the webhook. But keep in mind that closing and deleting are not the same thing. As far as I know closing the board will leave the webhook intact.

I’m not sure I’m following the question - can you expand on it? You can delete a single webhook by making a DELETE call to /1/webhooks/{idWebhook}.

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Thanks for your answer Bently :+1: I don’t have a problem with that the webhook is intact, but I thought that it is bad to have all these lose webhooks laying on the Trello platform. But I don’t know how to delete the webhooks if the user doesn’t disable the Power-Up before deleting the board. I can see in the Console that Butler is cleaning up when a board is deleted.