When we create a user using Rest API, what role will the user have "Basic" or "Adminstrator"?

Can we specify the role while creating a user via API

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Short answer, no, you can’t create a user in a “role” via the API in one request.

Longer answer, Jira has 3 concepts that might be what you mean by “role”: groups, project roles, and application access. When you use POST /rest/api/3/user to create a user (only works with API tokens), that new user will have no groups, project roles, or application access. All of these must be added after that first API request, with subsequent API requests.

Also, please note the API is marked as “Experimental”, with a caveat, “This resource is retained for legacy compatibility. As soon as a more suitable alternative is available this resource will be deprecated.” I would recommend having a look at how Atlassian thinks about user provisioning generally, and looking into the Atlassian-wide user provisioning APIs.

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Hi @ibuchanan ,
We are using Organization Rest Api to get a list of users. But it does not have a field for User’s role/privileges. Is there any other api which provides a list of users with user’s role/privileges field. or any other way way we can find the role of the user?