When will Forge allow anonymous users?

Beta limitations says “Forge apps cannot be viewed by anonymous users. To use a Forge app, you must be logged in to Jira or Confluence.”

Any timeline for this to change?

Use case is for Confluence public documentation pages.


Hi @JonathanGithers, unfortunately I don’t have a timeline to share with you at this stage.

I’ve created this ticket [FRGE-189] - Ecosystem Jira for tracking purposes.


Hi @RyanBraganza , any news to this topic?
In the meantime forge apps can be used in production, but when anonymous users try to access it is still not possible.
That’s an hurdle for using Forge apps!

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Hi @FranzBinder,

The best way to get updates is to follow the ticket. It’s now in progress, but not complete yet.


Thanks! I voted on the ticket, and will be watching it closely. If you have any updates, please share :blush:

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I also need these!
Plus Forge macros for guest users, which is even more important in our use case.