When will Forge step out from beta?

Hi guys,

I know that we should wait for an official announcement, but is there any prediction on when a stable version of Forge would be released? Just approximately, is it months or years?

The reason I’m asking is that after the Server end of support announcement, our company (Marketplace Vendor) is doing some dialogs with our customers regarding the possibilities of migrating them to cloud, especially with customizations we made for them.

We are doing some analyses and we need to know, whether to include Forge into these analyses or not, meaning whether there is a chance that Forge will be stable for prodution use for example at the beginning of 2021.

Thank you for any information.
Vojtěch Schlemmer [MoroSystems, s.r.o., Czech Republic]


Hi @VojtechSchlemmer,

We will be announcing updates to Forge soon. Forge news is going to be a major focus of our upcoming free Developer Day event, which happens alongside Team Tour this year.

To register for Team Tour (and, thus, Developer Day), please visit this page: https://events.atlassian.com/teamtour20



Hi @mventnor,

thank you for the information, I’m excited to hear more info about Forge on the Developer Day.



The Developer Day has passed but I still don’t see the official plans for Forge to get out of beta. I also was not able to find the information about when (and on what conditions) it will be possible to publish Forge apps to marketplace.

I’d appreciate if you point me to the page/post with this information.

Andrey Stepanov

Hi @stepashka,

Thanks for checking in! You can find Marketplace integration on our public roadmap Trello board, here is a direct link to the board and card: https://trello.com/c/taEDB3lF/128-distribution-and-licensing-through-marketplace

As we previewed at Developer Day, we are aiming to have the EAP for Marketplace integration commence in February, with Marketplace integration going GA in April. And we are currently on track to do so.

By the way, to clarify, all the above is just about Marketplace integration. Forge will exit beta when the platform goes to GA before then, which we have been aiming to do this month, though that is at risk and we will post an update on that by end of next week both in CDAC and on the card in the roadmap board: https://trello.com/c/JWvRLIfJ/182-forge-platform-release-to-ga




Thanks for the update. It’s nice to see the open real-time update on the progress in Trello.

Do you know what would be the terms on publishing Forge apps to Marketplace? Does Atlassian plan to charge for Forge apps hosting or any other changes comparing to current connect apps?


I can’t say for sure just yet, but I don’t see any new significant differences in terms being necessary for publication of Forge apps on Marketplace.

We plan not to charge for Forge app hosting and will have a formal announcement about this soon (aiming for next month), and you can read more about our thinking on another CDAC post I wrote here.


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A quick amendment to my above post, on terms: we have further work to do here, but we do have to think more about being a hosting provider, data ownership and processing, and the like.