Where/How to report bugs found while developing

I don’t have an SEN so I can’t use the support system. Where do I report suspected bugs.


Dupe - see How to get Product bugs addressed in a timely manner

Atlassian stopped people logging bugs, they were getting buried I would assume. Unfortunately this means that even when a vendor finds a solid bug, its not easy (even slightly) to get an issue logged. And even then, it won’t be assigned, with no particular guarantee that it will be looked at, assigned or worked on at any particular time.

Every avenue open to Vendors is not geared towards us logging issues against Products. The Markteplace support portal available at https://ecosystem.atlassian.net/secure/Dashboard.jspa is as close as it gets. YMMV.

Honestly, I would be satisfied with a way to simply report a bug. I worked at Atlassian from 2008-2013. I understand the unlikelihood of something being fixed. There are just more bugs than people to fix them.

Hey Ryan,

If you’re running into a bug with the developer tools or APIs you can raise a bug via the Developer Service Desk.

I hope this helps,