Where to find jira user in tempo worklogs

Hi, when using Tempo, the creator of a worklog is the tempo user.
Is there a way to get the actual creator (jira user) of a tempo worklog, without using tempo APIs?
Shouldn’t this info be available inside JIRA somewhere?

Thank you

Hi @ktsour, I’m not sure if the Tempo app stores accountId in a worklog property. Unfortunately, I’m not familiar with those details on this third-party app; however, I’d try two things:

  1. Call GET worklog properties, to see if there’s any custom data stored there with the accountId
  2. Reach out to Tempo support

Hi, thank you for the response.
I tried the worklog properties, but they don’t store the accountid there.
I have contacted their support, but I don’t think they store it in JIRA, which is really disturbing in my opinion. This means that if you use Tempo and decide to stop using it, your jira worklogs will be useless.

I contacted them. They said the only way to get the worklog owner is via their REST API… so once you use Tempo, there is no going back…