Where to get the userid for a specific user - either by username, email or name




I want to use the Stride API method Send message to a user from my application to send a message directly to a user. The method requires a userId which appears to different to the username.

How can I get this userId for a specific user? Is there a get-user-id-by-username or get-user-id-by-email endpoint or even a get-user-id-by-name endpoint?

At the moment I cannot even find the user id shown anywhere in the Stride app. Am I missing something?



If you’re looking get the userid of users in a conversation to send a direct, which is a common case, call the rosters endpoint, Roster endpoint , to get the userid then send the direct.

You can follow up or simply take a look here for more information:



Thanks for the information, however that seems quite restrictive. How do I know which conversation the recipient user is part of? Do I query all conversations? What if the user isn’t currently part of any conversation?

My application currently has a feature where event notifications can be sent via HipChat directly to a specific user. Once the service settings are set up, each user only needs to enter their username to receive event notifications. While this was possible using the HipChat API, this does not appear to be viable via Stride unless we restrict the service to one room and add everyone to that room.

I hope that you will be able to provide a site roster or preferably a method for looking up a user id in the near future, at least before retiring the HipChat API.


Hi @dave.sparks, we’re currently working on an endpoint to you can query users by email address (not user name). This should address your concern.


OK, thanks. That should work. Note however that, in my experience, there some people that share email addresses. Do you have an ETA for this endpoint?


Hi @dave.sparks : my apologies but we don’t generally comment on release dates for features.