Where to raise Forge critical incident?

I am facing this issue since yesterday Forge deploy: Manifest validation failed with "Upsert Environment Request body is invalid. Details " - #12 by chhantyal

I am not able to deploy existing app at all. Running following command gives error:

forge deploy -e development

This is a critical issue, in my opinion. Why isn’t there an option to report such incidents? I tried to create a DEVHELP ticket but it is not possible. Instead, it directs you to this forum.

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Hi @chhantyal ,

If the problem is still occurring, please go ahead and raise a “Bug” support request using the option in your screenshot. Please also add the App ID and the full output of the forge deploy --verbose -e development command for us to check.
I couldn’t find an already ongoing internal investigation on this.

Very soon there will be an options for incidents on the portal as well. This recent announcements has more details: Developer and Marketplace Support service desks merge: one month heads-up & more details).