Where to store success/failure after making REST calls?


I need a suggestion. I want to develop a Forge app that will make a REST call to another external service and send issue data. That other tool will receive the data and send a response back - mainly whether the data was received successfully or not.

Now back in Jira for each issue I want to store this information - Success/Failure or Last export date somewhere. I was thinking of using custom field or can I use Storage API?

Appreciate your help.


I would recommend Issue Properties or App Storage and then make an Issue Glance so that you can display the results to the users nicely.

Without knowing more about your use case it is hard to give a more useful recommendation. For example, Custom Fields could be the right fit if you want users to see the data and have a simple experience you wish to display.

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Both custom fields and issue glance would work I think. It is more like a log of issues that failed to sync and a second attempt can be made.

I will explore when to use issue properties vs app storage. Going through the links you shared.


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