Why are custom emojis still not accessible for apps? 😔

Hey folks,

at some point just about every Confluence app developer has to explain to their customers that their app doesn’t support the great feature of custom emojis because there simply is no API for them.

Out of curiosity I was just looking at my network tab and saw that there’s this endpoint which basically does everything third party apps would need:


Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to be accessible by Connect apps though.

Please, Atlassian, can you make this endpoint accessible to Connect apps? We, many other partners, and our users would absolutely love this.



I suppose this thread, created in February 2022, is essentially asking the same question but never received a response.

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Hi @SvenSchatter ,

You raise a good point. I’ve asked the Confluence Cloud Ecosystem team to respond.


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We had to jump through a lot of hoops and hacks in order to get emojis working with adf so it would be awesome to get that supported as well.


@danielwester can you tell us more?

Sure. The general ADF react renderer in Atlaskit by Atlassian doesn’t work with webpack5 (and from what I can tell - based on the number of times I’ve asked - it never will). So you’re stuck with the email renderer in Atlaskit by Atlassian (which does support webpack5). But it doesn’t support emojis. So you have to scan the adf separately and convert all of the emoji’s yourself.

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Unfortunately right now there are no immediate plans to make Emoji Service API available publicly. It’s currently limited to Atlassian products.
However, the team that owns it, is open for discussion, so I’ve let our PM know about the interest, so we can consider working on it in the future.


Hi @RomanToropov,

Bummer to hear that.

Thanks for letting your PM know! This definitely is something every Confluence app that has to deal with page content or page titles comes into contact at some point, which I suppose is something most Confluence apps do. Making custom emojis available to third party apps would really be huge! :slight_smile:


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