Why deleting an issue sends also comment_deleted events?

I’ve registered a webhook on the comment_delete event, and I’ve noticed that the event is also dispatched when an issue is deleted for each comment on that issue
So for example if I delete an issue with 25 comments then 25 comment_delete events are dispatched too.
Is that behaviour intentionally wanted?
If yes, can someone explain why?


Hi @anon44287143,

Yes this is expected. For performance reasons we separate issue webhooks from comment webhooks, and having a dedicated webhook that behaves differently for when there are multiple comments on an issue and the issue is deleted adds a lot of complexity both for us and developers using webhooks.

Issue deletions in Jira are relatively rare, as is having 25 comments on an issue. I wouldn’t expect this to be something you need to deal with particularly frequently.

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Hi @dmeyer ,
thank you for the answer.
Yes you’re right, issue deletion is rare but it happened :slight_smile:
and I was wondering of this behaviour regarding the webhooks.