Why do customers fail to generate an evaluation license?

Over the past few days, I had a bunch of customers contacting me that they get this error when they try to start an evaluation for my cloud app:

I believe this is a bug in the Atlassian Marketplace because when I advise customers to install via Jira in-product marketplace they can start the evaluation without any issues.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

It’s quite important to me to get this fixed because not only does it create a lot of unnecessary customer requests on my side but is also a very bad first impression for customers/users.

Hey @tbinna - I replied on the internal ticket you created with us but I’ll also add the response here for the community.

What some of your customers are seeing is described in this KB article.

The issue is that the customer trying to generate the license is not a Billing contact as well a Site Admin, so no license for an instance is found in their Atlassian account. The error message itself is not very useful, we have an improvement request in place for this here: