Why the same field have different name on every instance of jira cloud?

sorry for bad eng.

i have 1 project GAP, where i have custom field epic link, with this schema:

and second project with the same custom field epic link:

story points in 1 project:

same field in second project:

why the same fields in different projects has different id and clauseNames[0] ?
how i can develop plugin for jira cloud for any project if i can’t rely neither on id nor on clauseNames (because clauseNames[1] and name i can change (like story points2))?

It’s one of the side effects of allowing end users create their own fields and configure things of how they need it to be done.

Best way to handle this is to have a configuration page where the administrator can select the fields that they want to use for your app.

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In this case it’s the standard Jira software Story Points field. I don’t think you can manually create it.
My guess is that these fields belong to Nextgen projects, where each project has their own set of custom field