Workbox Host Plugin: JS conflicts with custom plugin


I am doing minor alterations to the default “Conflluence Mobile Theme” via a secondary plugin, that simply is supposed to inject a CSS file and one JS file.

My version is 5.10.4

Everything works like I planned to except when I activate Workbox Host Plugin. Within that plugin the Module “Mobile View Integration” (mw-mobile) which renders an extension to the Backbone App (window.MW)

For testing purpose I removed any JS files from my /src/main/resources folder.

The following error is thrown and I have no chance to execute any of my code afterwards:

Uncaught TypeError: h.promise is not a function
    at Function.ajax (…comments/batch.js?atlassian.aui.raphael.disabled=true&locale=en-US:879:145)
    at Function.d.(anonymous function) [as get] (….comments/batch.js?atlassian.aui.raphael.disabled=true&locale=en-US:873:87)
    at Function.getJSON (…comments/batch.js?atlassian.aui.raphael.disabled=true&locale=en-US:873:241)
    at g (…omments/batch.js?atlassian.aui.raphael.disabled=true&locale=en-US:1914:542)
    at Object.j [as setupAnchors] (…omments/batch.js?atlassian.aui.raphael.disabled=true&locale=en-US:1914:806)
    at HTMLDocument.<anonymous> (…omments/batch.js?atlassian.aui.raphael.disabled=true&locale=en-US:2024:331)
    at k (….comments/batch.js?atlassian.aui.raphael.disabled=true&locale=en-US:751:58)
    at Object.fireWith (…comments/batch.js?atlassian.aui.raphael.disabled=true&locale=en-US:752:361)
    at Function.ready (…comments/batch.js?atlassian.aui.raphael.disabled=true&locale=en-US:740:421)
    at HTMLDocument.K (….comments/batch.js?atlassian.aui.raphael.disabled=true&locale=en-US:750:12)

I also attached the contents of my /target/****.jar

Confluence Support states that this is a development bug, not a systematic one.