Workflow Approval Options

I’m trying to implement workflow approval in Data Center, but I’m interested in Cloud as well.

In Data Center, the approval provides very little customization options:

  1. You add a custom field storing a list of users or list of groups as approvers.
  2. You add approval to a status, choosing said custom field.
  3. You can choose “all” or “specific number of approvers”.

In Cloud, there is a slightly more advanced option when you select a list of groups. You can pick a number for each group instead of a number for all groups.

The status properties contain “approval.condition.type” which can be set to “number” (I found Data Center using this value) or “numberPerPrincipal” (I found Cloud using this value).

But I also found this:

It seems “percent” is a valid option too?

My questions are:

  1. Is there any documentation for these properties? How far can I push these properties?
  2. What happens if you set 10 approvals required but the list contains only 5 people?
  3. If you set 2 approval required and there are 3 approvers, will a single Decline transit the issue, or 1 Decline and 2 Approve will still approve it? Can you customize the behavior?
  4. There are initial email notification for the approvers. Will there be additional email reminders and can they be configured?
  5. What if the members change in the approver groups? Will subsequent email reminders send to the correct people?
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