Workflow conditions executed by Add-on

Hey community,
is there a way to execute workflow conditions in app like there is for jira server and jira DC.
In documentation of jira expression types there is written that there is APP which Represents the Connect app that provides or executes the expression, but i can’t find the proper way to do execute it.
Thanks in advance

Hello, @VassilPetkov,

You can use the Jira REST API operation to evaluate expressions to test expressions powering your workflow conditions. Other than that, workflow conditions are executed by Jira when evaluating issue transitions that have those conditions configured.

I hope this helps, let me know if you have any other questions! :slight_smile:

Hello @kkercz, thank you for your fast response
I am not sure i really understand. Let me explain what i need.
I have web panel in issue view screen, with couple of buttons in it and let’s say 10 predefined users that have to click some of them. My workflow condition have to return true only after all of the pre-configured users have clicked something. And all these actions are stored in my add-on database, so i need to check after every click if the condition is satisfied. I am not sure that i can make it using jira expression.
Of course i can make some workaround using issue properties as conditions and set them after satisfaction rule is achieved, but i am still thinking how to execute the condition rule to my own server.

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Ah, gotcha. You can’t call your own infrastructure from expressions. To achieve what you are describing, the best course of action would be to indeed use issue properties, set them whenever a button is clicked, and check if they are all set in the workflow condition’s expression.

Thank you for clarify that for me and for the faster responses :slight_smile: .
Best regards