Workflow Transition Rules endpoint?

Is anyone else having issues with the Get workflow transition rule configurations endpoint? I was doing some testing with my Connect app to see if it was worth adding the data from this call. My app throws the following error:

  • ERROR: {“errorMessages”:[“Only apps can access this resource.”],“errors”:{}}.

My call is simple: /rest/api/3/workflow/rule/config?types=condition

Hi, @LorenzoPhillips,

How are you making that call? Note that you need to authenticate with a JWT token for Jira to recognize the request as made from your app. See

@kkercz I’m not sure that is the issue but will double check. Keep in mind that my app makes 40+ calls to the API already and all of them work as expected. So if this was the issue, I think other calls would fail. I am calling this endpoint in the same manner I call the others. But again, I will double check everything just to make sure as it usually is the simplest of things when coding. :slight_smile:

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