Working on an open source project with "Trello" in the name


I’ve been working on an open source project which runs on top of the Trello API, which I’ve decided to name “Trellorama”, because it’s sort of a Trello / Images mashup.

Before I release it, it’d be nice to have some sort of legal clearance, so I don’t have to worry about about a DMCA telling me to change the name after the fact.

Can anyone here provide contact info or otherwise point me in the right direction of how to obtain such clearance?


I’d expect this is fine—apps like Corello exist, for example, but you’d be best off reaching out to the Trello platform team directly at

Hi @rhardih ,
I’d rather get an official opinion from Atlassian on this. Their trademark rules are here:

For example: “Acme plugin for Jira®” is okay, whereas “Jira® plugin for Acme” is not. The former connotes a 3rd party plugin for Jira®, the latter connotes an Atlassian-developed tool.

And other things in the trademark rules. As your proposed name contains the string “Trello”, it can get complicated.

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Agree. I would think that anything short of an official email from the legal department at Atlassian or Trello, (I don’t know how the internal company structure works), is probably not going to cut it.

I’ve tried reaching out to platform@ for now.

For an explicit, legal sign-off, I’d email as mentioned at the bottom of the trademark page above.

In general, I recommend folks stay away from using Trello in their product’s name–especially in its full form and at the beginning of the name. Something like Ramarello is going to cause a lot less confusion and concern than Trellorama.

Again, if you’re looking for a official response regarding a name, is the way to go.

I know there’s a chance it’s not going to fly, but I’ll give it a shot. Thanks!

There’s also this page on Trello which explains a bit more on what and how to choose an application name.

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I’ve tried emailing four times over the course of March and April and got no reply. Not even and automated, “we’ll get back to you” or similar.

Anyone got a contact on the inside I could refer to?

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