Would you search for JIRA users similarly to how you search for issues?

JQL is the most flexible way to search for issues in JIRA, but it allows searching for issues only.
On the other hand, customers are often interested in the activity of individual JIRA users.
In order to address this gap, we started working on a language that will allow searching for JIRA users.
In other words, it will allow you to ask JIRA something along the lines of “show me the user(s) that match [query]”.
The first version is already available as a REST endpoint for JIRA Cloud,
and it allows searching for users that are either assignees or reporters of specific issues
or any issues in a given project.

Now we’re ready to hear the feedback from the developer community.
Would this be useful to you or your team at all?
What other features would you like to see added?
Some ideas include searching for commenters, user picker custom fields, or having a UQL workflow condition/validator.

Please help us move forward by filling in this poll:

  • searching for users is great and I want more details
  • sounds interesting but I don’t have a strong opinion at the moment
  • my team and I have no interest in this at all

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Any other comments and feedback are welcome.