You do not have permission error on any rest api call

I am getting you do not have permission to comment on this issue, you do not have permision to other operations error while making REST calls.Though i am able to do all these operations through UI.
I am able to make all Get operations.Edit operations failing with 400 return code. using basic authentication. is there any otherconfigurations i need to set up? i am an admin role user. can some one quickly help me out

Which version of JIRA are you using? From what I have read in last couple of days, I remember reading that from JIRA version 7, API calls takes the same permissions as in UI. If you have permissions via UI, you should be able to do with the API.

However, I have been facing the same problem. All GET requests work for me but POST, PUT returns with status code 200 but doesn’t do anything.

As per return code looks like success code. What API you are trying does it have any response schema? For I used to 400 bad input error or 500 internal error. However making authentication scheme to preemptive authentication solved my problem. Not sure if the same helps your case. But error message I got earlier was not informative.