2-legged OAuth with OAuth 1.0 Jira Server

Hi ,

There is a requirement such that the application needs to directly talk to JIRA
without binding it to a JIRA user account. Basically client need to skip user authorization step and get authorized request token from Jira server proactively. For this ,we need to use two legged OAuth flow .

Does Jira server support two legged OAuth?
If yes, can anyone please share sample request or documentation link for this?

Hi @VivekGupta ,

Based on this Jira Server documentation, it does seem that only 3LO is supported.


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HI @iragudo ,

I setup Jira server in my local and found Allow-2 Legged Auth field in application link configuration section. I am attaching screenshot below.

Can you please help me understand purpose of Allow-2 Legged Auth field?
Will Jira server support 2 LO by setting Allow-2 Legged Auth to true?


Apologies, I do not have a clear answer to this, but it does look like it. There’s also this documentation that mentioned that option - a bit dated though. The linked doc might only be focused on connecting different Atlassian products but you can give it a shot and see if it helps.