21 Sep 2021 - Forge CLI version 2.0.2 and fix for FormData payloads

:tada: ADDED in Forge CLI version 2.0.2

forge install --upgrade now shows all newly added permissions in the requested installation upgrade.

:wrench: FIXED Support for FormData payloads in Forge Bridge version 2.1.1

This fix corrects the custom UI bridge requestJira and requestConfluence methods when generating content types for form-data. This fix enables attachments to be sent successfully to REST APIs which accept multipart/form-data content.

Run npm install @forge/bridge@latest in your resource directory to install the latest version of Forge bridge.

:wrench: FIXED in Forge CLI version 2.0.2

This release includes:

  • A fix for the linter not detecting missing scopes for Confluence REST API calls.

Run npm install -g @forge/cli@latest on the command line to install the latest version of @forge/cli.


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