26Aug - Submit Codegeist Entry Now for Early Feedback

EARLY CODEGEIST REVIEW!! Dance practice optional

dancing hamster

Whether it’s the hamster shuffle or a full-out flip, it’s never too early to start practicing your celebration dance. It’s also NEVER TOO EARLY to start working on your written submission or scripting out your demo video.

Don’t be afraid to hit SUBMIT by 8/30/2021 :arrow_up:
:information_source: You can always go back and edit your info after submitting.

If you’re feeling good about your app, but worried your written submission needs work, you can get help! Not sure if you’ve written enough or too much? Click submit by 8/30 and you’ll receive some EARLY feedback on your written submission AND video, if you upload one. You’ll still be able to continue editing your submission, including uploading new video files.

Read the details :arrow_right:. Codegeist 2021

Don’t have your demo ready yet? Here’s a trick, upload any video as a placeholder to be able to SUBMIT your entry for the early review. No judges will be looking at this early submission phase, so it’s not going to negatively impact your entry.

Don’t stop here! Give your entry a little thought now, and click submit! Codegeist 2021
And if you’re curious about what makes a good entry, there’s a list of tips and a panel discussion to give you more insights.


How will we receive feedback? Email? Community? Devpost? Something else?

It will be through Devpost messaging directly. So be sure to login and check, it also sends you an email from Devpost unless you have turned that feature off.

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