27 Jul 2021 - Direct product requests, CI upgrade support, and composable routes

:tada: Added in Forge bridge version 2.0.0

We’ve released Forge bridge version 2.0.0, which enables custom UI apps to request Jira and Confluence REST APIs directly from the frontend, without the need to proxy them through a custom UI resolver. This change lifts the 10-second timeout previously applied when using resolvers
and lets custom UI apps request endpoints that return non-JSON responses, such as attachments.

Run npm install @forge/bridge@latest in your resource directory to install the latest version.

:sparkles: Added in Forge CLI version 1.6.1

This release includes:

  • Added --non-interactive flag to forge install --upgrade command. With the --non-interactive flag,--site, --product and --environment options are required. These flags skip all upgrade prompts and allow install --upgrade to be run in CI.
  • Support for optional chaining in JavaScript files. For example, writing hello?.world in a
    JavaScript file is now possible.

Run npm install @forge/cli@latest on the command line to install the latest version of @forge/cli.

:warning: Changed with requestJira and requestConfluence bridge methods

With the release of Forge bridge version 2.0.0, you no longer need to define a custom UI resolver to use the requestJira and requestConfluence bridge methods.

:warning: Changed to lower Forge logs limit

Each app is now limited to 30 logs per invocation. Previously, this limit was 100 per invocation.

:hammer_and_wrench: Updated in Forge API version 2.2.0

The route function can now accept other routes and can be used inside api.fetch(route). This enables usages like api.fetch(route`${baseRoute}/specific/api`).


Yesssssss!!! :tada:


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