3LO and user revoking access

I’m working with the 3LO and so far so far good, however I’m having some questions along the way. One of them being for the user experience - if they want to revoke my app’s access to their account - is it really all or nothing?

Is there any way for them to only revoke only access to one particular site? From my experience it doesn’t seem like it which is kind of bad… Can I call /oauth/token/accessible-resources](https://api.atlassian.com/oauth/token/accessible-resources on their behalf somehow to remove things (maybe a DELETE?).

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Hi @danielwester,

Thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately, there is no API available to revoke access to 3LO app. The only way you can do is through your Profile management page.

Once logged in to above link, go to “Connected Apps” in sidebar and user will see the list of 3LO apps linked to user’s account. And they can revoke access to whichever app they want.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any more questions :slight_smile:


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To add to @aagrawal2’s comment, this is on the longer term roadmap for 3LO development but will not be coming within the next quarter.

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Hi, just curious if there are any updates on this and if there are still plans to release this functionality via the api? We are running into the same needs in a few of our apps, and having it would greatly improve the user experience. Thanks!