4 Tips to Find Momentum & Finish Strong | Codegeist 2022


This week we share 4 Tips to Find Momentum & Finish Strong on our Atlassian Developer Blog - whether building an app for Codegeist or working on a project of your own, there are a lot of great reasons to get your work in by the deadline.

:trophy: An MVP is perfect
What you submit for Codegeist 2022 doesn’t have to be perfect – remember, “perfect is the enemy of done”

:thinking: Remember why you started
Giving some thought to how you started – and who you’re going to help – can be a much needed boost of motivation and insight.

:bulb: Get inspired
Take a look at the winning apps from past years and try talking to people about your idea. Sometimes getting a fresh perspective and a little bit of encouragement can help you find the motivation to finish.

:spiral_calendar: Make a plan
It can be hard work staying on track, especially when life happens. Stay accountable to yourself with a plan and find quick wins every day to move your project forward.

Read the full, 3 minute read here

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@LorenaAbello is there any way to accelerate an app approval? Is necessary to have approved the app in the Marketplace to publish in DevPost?


Hello! Michelle from Devpost here :wave:
It is not required to get approval in the Marketplace before submitting on Devpost and it is not required to get approval to be eligible for the Marketplace Bonus prize. For more details about the Marketplace Bonus prize and its requirements please see here: Codegeist 2022: Forge the future of teamwork — build collaboration apps on Atlassian Cloud — $300,000 in prizes including a trip to Las Vegas. - Devpost
Best of luck!

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Hi Leo,

Thank you for reaching out.

To be eligible for the Best on Marketplace Prize, the Project must be submitted on Devpost and to the Marketplace prior to the Submission Period deadline.

Suerte :blush:

Gracias :slight_smile:

We have submitted the app to the Marketplace, but it is waiting for approval… Is necessary to be published or just submitted (Although waiting for approval)?

Thank you!!

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