401 Unauthorized REST API config/statustype/


I am using rest API with a bearer token that I get by Oauth2 (code exchanged to token).

I can contact any endpoint that i need except config/statustype/id…

Atlassian always returns me 401 unauthorized and there is no documentation on what authorization i need.

When i use basic auth with my email and api token I can reach this endpoint.

Any idea ?


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@ThomasGoossens support for lenient URL path processing for OAuth 2.0 requests has being removed. This includes requests with trailing slashes, as your topic title suggests that you are using.

You would be receiving an HTTP response on the following form:

HTTP/2 401 

  "code": 401,
  "message": "Unauthorized; scope does not match"

Please see the removal notice and the deprecation notice for more details.

If you are unable to find to troubleshoot your specific case, please submit a support request .

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Sorry the title is incorrect, i actually use config/statustype/{id}

@ThomasGoossens ah. If you are not able to access the Get config statustype {id} endpoint using OAuth 2.0, it is simply because it is has no scopes assigned and is therefore not available using OAuth 2.0.

I would suggest raising a support request for this, so that a feature request can be funnelled to the appropriate team.

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