403 error on installing a connect application

I’ve been developing an app that has been working fine but starting yesterday the app will not install as a 403 error is reported on the /install uri. I haven’t changed my code so not sure what is causing this. Any ideas on how to debug this problem ask the 403 error is returned inside the spring-boot-connect library, ie, it never hits my /installed web service.

Hi @DougBass,

I found this other post (The app host returned HTTP response code 403) with a similar report and what the team suggested was to:

  • set logging.level.com.atlassian.connect.spring: DEBUG in the application configuration
  • check the logs for the installation request

By the way, it looks like the problem was addressed by creating a new app so the root cause was never fully understood.


I found the solution period it was a misconfiguration my Springs security manager class period thanks for your help and I look forward to your assistance in the future period

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