403 forbidden error rest/api/2/projectCategory

I’m getting 403 forbidden error on this specific API module (projectCategory) “rest/api/2/projectCategory” Method: GET.
Language: nodeJs
Tool: Postman
I’ve already granted the permissions and scopes. will appreciate your response.

Hello @saad1410

You may want to read the How to ask a good question article first.

You haven’t said:

  1. What request method you’re using (POST, GET, DELETE or PUT)
  2. What authentication method you’re using and how
  3. Why you’re accessing a v2 endpoint, not a v3 endpoint
  4. What language or environment you’re using, with samples of your code
  5. What test tools you’ve used to validate the request and the credentials
  6. If the same credentials work with other requests to other endpoints
  7. What steps you’ve taken to isolate or resolve the problem yourself