429 error - too many requests

I built a fairly simple confluence macro that makes a single call to the Jira REST API issue search endpoint. I have 5 of these macros on a page and I get 429 errors intermittently. The macro is currently deployed to the development environment. I cannot imagine that 5 parallel calls triggers a rate limiting error. Am I missing something here?

Are the errors from the JIRA rest API or from the Forge app loading in the page?

Coming from the Jira REST API; because the error is thrown in the call to .json() as the response object contains HTML (429 error).

Are you running in tunnel mode (ie back to your machine) or is this a dev deployed app?

I’ve put in a ticket about Forge not playing nicely with ngrok (I had similar issues but in custom ui): https://ecosystem.atlassian.net/browse/FRGE-213

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No I wasn’t tunneling.