5 hrs for Atlas-run

It took 5 hrs to build my first plugin. This is for the standard example from “writing-tasks”. What could have gone wrong with atlas-run? can someone help me reduce this time? I mean for a build it takes 5 hrs?

Are you running this in a vm? If so - make sure you have entropy on the server (haveged or similar). I have seen Jira, Confluence etc take forever to start up before because of that.


Hi @danielwester quick question - why the default entropy of the Linux inside the Vagrant box doesn’t work for bamboo development setup? Can you share here few articles specific to how Atlassian gets effected for the benefit of the community?

My setup - I am running Ubuntu 18.04 in Vagrantbox. I am using Adapt OpenJDK-8.

Well it’s not the Atlassian product. It’s tomcat:


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Hi @danielwester thank you for your quick reply. I have installed haveged and checked it to have atleast 1024. However, am facing a new issue. After doing atlas-run, it ran for almost 20 min and then gave an error - “timeout with deploy status unknown” and tomcat 8.x stops. I was able to bring up the dev server yesterday but today it failed multiple times. I have turned off my anti-virus as well.

@danielwester in general, how long does it take to complete the first atlas-run?

Should be 10mins or so (really depends on maven download speeds). Can you post the entire maven output when you start atlas-run?