502 errors calling api.media.atlassian.com

We’re getting error reports from users reporting calls to load attachments (where we store data) returning 502s. I just saw a tweet about it at https://twitter.com/ozzi_____/status/1603760012752453634 , it’s not specific to our attachments.

Anyone else seeing it? Atlassian, are you aware?


Same problem, our App - Elements Spreadsheet - is completely broken for multiple customer for at leats 5h because of that.
But on the status page is all green :angry:

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I’ve posted Log in with Atlassian account , it should be public.

Hi, I created a public ticket for this problem here: Log in with Atlassian account


Thank you for reaching out to Atlassian.

The status page for the issue is available at: Atlassian Developer Status - Multiple issues related to apps in Marketplace.

Best regards,
Guilherme Bueno