504 Gateway Timeout jira Rest API

Hi All,

Anyone had any issues with this 504 timeout ?

Im trying to request objects from the new Jira insight app.

Im using Python to get the data.

Anytime i try to request anything over 200 records per page i get this error, which is annoying as i have a minimum of 36k records to download.

In addition to the above, I did try to kicking off a number of threads using different access keys, since the API does not allow more then X requests per minute, and I still continue to get 504 errors returned whenever the request is for more then 200 records. This makes my current total times to request all information at about 120 seconds which is a long time for a user to wait to refresh data.

To put timing in to perspective, If i make the same call to the Mindville version of Insight, I can request the full 36k objects and get the response in under 20 seconds.

I’m having a problem trying to create a service desk ticket with the API. it only occurs sometimes but it will occur for an hour or two.

Welcome to the Atlassian developer community @bfhike,

Typically, I would split this question out for a different discussion topic because you are asking about a different API group and with different symptoms.

That said, if the common aspect of your question is the 504 Gateway Timeout, then it’s not really worth pursuing as a community thread. HTTP gateways are all about Atlassian infrastructure with a lot of variables specific to the instance or the clients. The broader community can’t really help and doesn’t get much benefit from such “one off” problems. As such, my recommendation for you and @Martyn is to open a developer help ticket with all of the details of your HTTP request and response (for example, curl -v if you are on the command-line).

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@ibuchanan Thanks for responding, I have followed the developer help link you provided but it only directs me to raise bugs and such and doesnt really present an opportunity to ask for help.

Could you direct me further to try to raise my query?

in my case, it creates the jira but doesn’t respond to the client fast enough and the request times out after about 60 seconds. i understand that it is probably specific to my env but i thought maybe other people have seen the error and could suggest ideas for what to check in my env to remedy.