A faster way to get help on a tutorial

As part of our continuing effort to help developers onboard to the Atlassian Platform, we’re making it easier for you to ask a question in the Developer Community when you get stuck.

On Getting Started and beginner guides, there’s a new box under the page navigation.


Clicking Get help takes you to the new topic screen on the Developer Community, with the right tags and category for the tutorial you came from.

Each new topic gets the #dac-get-help tag, which you can follow to welcome and help out new developers in the community.

The Get help button is only the beginning of our plans for improving developer onboarding. We’re working on more ideas to help new developers onboard and to help everyone find the information they need more easily. Stay tuned!


:heart: This is awesome!

We should have a dac-get-help badge! Each month give it to the person who has the most posts marked as solutions :white_check_mark: in topics with that tag.


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