A new Confluence dev tool: Storage Format Editor for Confluence

Hey fellow Confluence app devs,

have you ever worked on an app that processes Confluence’s storage format and turns it into view or export view format? If yes, then you’ve probably often found yourself manually hitting the Confluence REST API to figure out what kinds of unexpected transformations it applies to your carefully sanitized XHTML.

Well, time to uninstall Postman (if that’s the only reason you had it), as my teammate @thomas2 used some of this free time to build the Storage Format Editor for Confluence - which is now available on the Marketplace for free! :tada:

It’s a minimalistic forge app that doesn’t only let you view and edit the storage format of any Confluence page, but also does the same for ADF and even let’s you see what view or export view format Confluence transforms your page content into.

If you want to see all that in action, here’s a video:

I’ve been using this a couple weeks already and it has been such a huge time saver for me, so I wanted to share it! If you feel the same way, let Thomas know and respond with a “thanks @thomas2!” :smiley: