A new “Pages” view is coming to Confluence spaces

What is changing?

Before, a space’s page tree was contained by a normal header.

Now, that header is interactive and links to a brand new view.

This new view contains a flat list of all the pages within a space. You can search, filter, or sort this view to find the right page.

Why is it changing?

Our goal is to give users an alternative to the page tree to browse a space. Often the page tree is large or deeply nested, which can make it difficult to find the right page.

What do I need to do?

This is a new feature and currently has no extensibility points. That said, we’d love to hear your feedback as to what kind of integrations would be useful. Please feel free to comment below.

This feature has already been enabled for instances in the developer first release cohort and will be rolled out to customers from now through the end of January.


I think the obvious point of extendability would be to allow access to add-on page actions, perhaps via an ellipsis icon (same as when viewing a page or blogpost).


It would be even better if there was a way to also show anything added to system.content.metadata but I’m not sure how that would work from a UI perspective. Maybe if you hover over the page icon?

Custom search / pre-configured filters would be good too.

And how do custom page icons work?

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Response from the perspective of a user:

“Flat list of all pages” sounds like a loooong page. Will it be possible to “promote” pages or anything like that?


Hi James,

These are all great suggestions. Right now, we’re in the early stages of learning how users use this feature. Regarding actions, we’re considering different ideas for actions and hope to be flexible as we gather data/feedback like yours. Also, custom/persistent/savable filters could be a very useful feature and is something we’ve been exploring.

Regarding the icons: if your page title begins with a unicode emoji, it’s parsed and displayed instead of the generic page icon. We realize this could be more discoverable – at the moment, you have to use the system emoji dialog to add an emoji to the page title – and are exploring a few options.


Hi Stefan,

Great point!

We’re hoping the search, filter, and sorting options will make it easier for users to find pages without scrolling. That said, we know people will find some filters more useful than others. Are there any filters you’d like to see in particular?

Also, I think another aspect of your suggestion would necessitate keeping your filter/sort options between sessions. As I said in my reply to James, we’ve been exploring ideas in this area.

There is an infinite scroll thing going on in both views, so won’t matter.

I’d like to see you strike a balance between providing some core filter options, with the ability to create advanced functionality with an add on. The issue is when Atlassian only address common requirements but block extensibility.

For the core, based on my general experience, in addition to worked on I’d suggest keeping it simple:

  • Recently viewed by the user
  • Favourited/starred
  • Watched

I noticed the search filter includes labels, but you might want to make that more explicit as an option to search only labels.


Yeah, just playing around with it and it does need a little more work. But a good idea!

For one, simple filters for individual users would be great (recently, starred, etc.).

As a “owner” of a space, I’d probably want to highlight certain pages as a starting point for all users.