A new way to take actions on pages

Hi there, my name is Andrew and I am a Software Engineer on the Confluence Discovery and Content Organization team. We’re currently focusing on developing features that help users find the right information, quickly. I’m excited to share a new feature that helps users do just that: we’re calling it quick actions.

We’re adding a “more actions” menu in the page tree that contains the most common actions users take on pages.

Today, in order to take common actions on a page you have to load the entire page. Being able to perform actions from the page tree will save users time and reduce friction for common tasks like rename, edit, and move.

This feature is already available on beta instances and will begin rolling out to customers starting next week and finish by the end of August.

While there is currently no extension point for this new feature, there is a Forge extension point in the “more actions” menu on the full page view experience called ContentAction that you can take advantage of: https://developer.atlassian.com/platform/forge/ui-kit-components/content-action/


Hey @AndrewFD, I think that looks great. Q: How can we use that as an extension point for our apps?


I’d like to know this as well - custom page actions should be accessibe here too.


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