A New Year will bring a new Confluence Cloud editor

Confluence Cloud is pivoting and opening up to a broader audience of business teams and knowledge workers. Part of how we’ll accomplish this is by simplifying Confluence so it’s accessible and easy-to-use by every team, not only product teams. Our first milestone, a reimagined content creation, and editing experience are here and ready to be rollout out to our customers. As we roll this out, we’d make sure that our ecosystem vendors and partners are well prepared for the changes.

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What does it mean for ecosystem vendors?

In August 2018, we published a blog for live macros experience with new editor. We understand that you would still have lots of questions about the rollout plans and how would we enable migration of existing apps onto new editor. In order to address these questions, we will post a blog for you in January 2019 with more details. In the meantime, if you have any questions, raise your questions / concerns in this thread.

Please make sure you address this issue https://jira.atlassian.com/browse/CONFCLOUD-64923 before rolling out the editor to a wider audience.

Also, not sure about the decision around deprecation of the nested macros - could you provide a way to continue using it? Like a similar solution what you did when the server storage has moved from wiki markup to storage format, and with introduction of “wiki-markup” blocks? Something like that for the nested macros?

Is there a “hard date” set for the removal of the support for nested macros?